Earn priority points through gifts made to and engagement with Arkansas State Athletics. Priority points will be utilized as the second tier to our ranking system. Members will be placed within their membership levels and then ranked by priority points within each level. The Red Wolves Foundation will award 1 Point Per $100 to the Red Wolves Foundation. This includes:

  • Seating Donations
  • Booster Club Membership Contributions
  • Gifts made to – Red Wolves Foundation Fund, Sport-Specific Funds, Capital Projects, Scholarship

Priority points are added to a donor’s account once payment is received. Priority points will be calculated and donors will be reordered based on their cumulative priority point total every July, November and February. Although the minimum standards of priority points have been set, the Athletics Department is continuing to review and finalize different methods in which donors can earn priority points and will communicate those prior to the 2023-2024 renewal period.