Donors are first ranked within each of their respective priority levels. Priority points are used as the second-tier to the donor ranking system, Earn priority points through gifts made to and engagement with Arkansas State Athletics. Priority points will be utilized as the second tier to our ranking system. This system helps in the assignment of benefits such as: parking, awats games, bowl games, postseason. 

The Red Wolves Foundation will award 1 point per $100 towards season ticket contributions and 2 points for every $100 spent towards donations to the Red Wolves Foundation.


Example 1:

Howl and Scarlet have two (2) football seats in section ss with A $100 per ticket cost ($200 total).

  • $200 Ticket Cost = 2 Priority Points

Example 2:

Mr. Aggie has two (2) football seats in Section F with a $220 per ticket cost ($440 total) and a $125 per seat donation ($250 total). This donor is passionate about the student-athlete experience and also gives and additional gift of $250 to reach the victory giving level status (minimum $500/Annually).

  • $440 Ticket Cost $250 (4.4 Priority Points) + Football Seat Donation $250 (5 Priority Points) + $250 Additional Gift (5 Priority Points) = 14.4 Priority Points  

Example 3:

The Pack Family has four (4) football indoor club seats with a $2,000 per seat donation ($8,000 total) and four (4) men's basketball seats in Section S with a $170 per ticket cost ($650 total) and a $200 per seat donation ($800 total).

  • $8,000 Football Seat Donation (160 Priority Points) + $680 Ticket Cost (6.8 Priority Points) + $800 Men's Basketball Seat Donation (16 Priority Points) = 182.8 priority points